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During the pandemic, Calumet has benefitted from each one going the extra step for the sake of the whole. Calumet can be a place where everyone can feel safe.

Calumet's Campground

Come to the Campground during the later days of the summer and all through the autumn season! It's a perfect, beautiful, and quiet time to sit by the lake!

Paula Kent Award

There were 3 nominations for this year's Paula Kent Award for Social Justice and the task force is meeting in the weeks to come to determine the awardee for 2023! Click the pic below to learn more about the annual award.

HIP at Calumet

Autumn Lutherhostel Oct 2-5

Join Judy Smith and other leaders for the Autumn Lutherhostel here at Calumet. Accommodations in the Conference Center & Village Cabins, daytrips, delicious meals in Calumet's Dining Room, meeting/re-connecting with fellow guests, music, enjoying outdoor time, and breathing the beautiful fresh air of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Click the Pic above to learn more ...

Walk the Walk: "On the Road Again!"

Walk the Walk 2023 is underway. 750 registrants from all over are *on the road again* snagging miles. Most are walking. But we have runners, hikers, swimmers, and bicyclists, too! The goal: 110,000 miles by September 16.

It's not too late to be involved. Signing up to participate can happen even as late as September 15th -- the day before the walking experience ends (and miles can be reported retroactively). All the miles people trek are reported to Calumet.


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