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Paula Kent Award for Social Justice 2024

Nominations Open!

Boom Chicka Move

Boom Chicka Move -- 2024! Registration begins June 1 and the moving event takes place from July 1 to August 31. The goal: 800 registrants and 151,000 miles!

Search: Associate Executive Director

The Board and Karl have shifted their sense of Calumet's needs and a new position is now posted. See the details on "Associate Executive Director."

Resident Camp 2024

Registration for Calumet's Resident Camp for Kids is open -- and we are inviting any and all kids ages 8 - 15 to attend camp for a week or two. Whether it's the first time or it's a plan for a return visit -- we are excited for your camper's planned visit for Summer 2024.

Resident Camp Pre-Visit

Are you preparing for your child's week at Resident Camp this summer and you want to check us out during a day visit?

Three options: May 25, June 1, and June 9.

Fruits & Roots

OCT 7-10

This mid-week retreat hosted by Deacon Judy Smith will focus entirely on the Fruit-of-the-Spirit -- PEACE!

Be part of this mid-week event. Nearly 40 participants gathered for the retreat on JOY in April 2024.

Boom Chicka News -- Monthly E-News

Every month, the Boom Chicka News is updated for Calumet Nation to know what's going on, how to participate, who among us is in need of prayer, what programs are coming up, and anything else that is for the good of the community. We send a message each month via email, but it's *ALWAYS* found at the very top of the homepage. 


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