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Local Friends

Many of our programs at Calumet throughout the year are open to the public. Calumet is a place that seeks to help individuals grow. Some of these events will help people grow in faith. Some might challenge someone's intellectual assumptions. Some might encourage participants in their appreciation of music and rhythym. Every single one of these events will allow for you to connect with other people -- some living close by and some from far off places. 


July 4th Festivities

Summer Music Series

Sunday Worship

Worship with us this summer at 10:00 AM in our beautiful Outdoor Chapel. (Rain Location: The Oasis!)

In non-summer times, worship is frequently in the Oasis, but if you're interested in joining us, check in with us so you know where we'll be: Oasis, Outdoor Chapel, Micah Room, on the Beach. All places you might find us!

To learn more, contact John.