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Thank you for your interest in Calumet’s leadership training programs! Here is some information about the two programs Calumet offers. Both programs consist of intensive training to learn skills in becoming a counselor and a leader, and afford the opportunity to apply for a junior counselor position the following summer. The main difference between the CIT program and the L&S program is that L&S participants work part of their day in the kitchen; this work helps to offset the cost of the program.

Counselor-In-Training (CIT)

There is one six-week CIT session (Weeks 1 – 6, June 28-August 8) with an option to remain for Week 7 to take part in a lifeguard training (LGT) course. The cost for 2020 is $1650.00 for the CIT training, and $310.00 for the LGT course. 

Leadership & Service (L&S)

There are two 4-week L&S sessions; L&S1 runs Staff Week – Week 3 (June 21-July 18) and L&S 2 runs Weeks 4 – 7 (July 19-August 15). L&S1 participants are offered the option to return for Week 7 to take part in a lifeguard training (LGT) course. The cost for 2020 is $770.00 for each L&S session, and $310.00 for the LGT course. 

How and when to apply

Applicants should turn 16 years old in the calendar year of the summer for which they are applying, and typically will be finishing their sophomore year of high school. It is also recommended that applicants register for Resident Camp in the event they are not accepted into a Leadership Training program. The resident camp tuition deposit can be transferred to the leadership training tuition.

Applications are live!  The application can be filled out and submitted on line. TWO REFERENCE FORMS need to be printed from the web site, given to (1) a teacher, employer, or guidance counselor and (2) your pastor or someone who knows you on a spiritual level. The people completing the references can send them directly to Calumet or you can send them yourself to the Calumet office [two weeks before an interview or by December 31*] of the current year, whichever comes first. 

Interviews take place from December through January. Notification of acceptance into one of the programs occurs in the middle of March.

Next Step

If more information about these programs is needed, please contact Kris Hinkeldey at the Calumet office.

  (603) 539-4773, ext. 210    kris@calumet.org

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