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Leave a Legacy

Remembering Calumet with a legacy gift is a beautiful way to have a lasting impact and to send a message to your surviving loved ones that generosity matters.

Calumet has specific policies when it comes to receiving estate gifts. Included in those policies are: Unrestricted gifts amounting to less than $5,000 will be used to support the Annual Fund during the year the gift is received. Unrestricted gifts amounting to $5,000 or more will be split. 70% will be added to Calumet's Endowment Fund. The remaining 30% will be used at the discretion of the Executive Director and Calumet's Board on projects or programs that Calumet would not otherwsie be able to consider. Growing the Endowment Fund is among the most important things Calumet can do in the years to come. Why?

Calumet receives annual investment income from our Endowment Fund that goes to support one of the key initiatives of the Board: Keep the cost of Resident Camp as affordable as possible.  Together with financial gifts given to the Annual Fund, this investment income makes a week at summer camp affordable.

The Endowment Fund is made up of legacy gifts given to Calumet. Most often the gifts are estate gifts from people who really value Calumet. But sometimes, Calumet has received a gift from someone who is still living and who wants to make a positive impact on Calumet's Endowment Fund balance sheet! Please, as you are thinking the legacy you will leave behind, think about remembering Calumet in your estate plan. It’s easy to do!

Name Calumet as a beneficiary of a Life Insurance policy, an IRA or other retirement fund, a life income agreement such as a Charitable Gift Annuity or Trust, or by remembering Calumet in your Will.  When you do so, let us know so that you can become a member of Calumet’s Evergreen Society -- a growing number of people who have remembered Calumet with a planned gift.

The actual name to be used is: Lutheran Outdoor Ministries of New England, Inc., dba Calumet Lutheran Ministries. The mailing address is: 1090 Ossipee Lake Road, West Ossipee, NH 03890. If you are in need of our tax id#, feel free to reach out to Ginger.

It’s startling that most people don’t have a Will. Only 30% of the general public have Wills. Most of those folks have Wills that are out of date. Of those people who have a Will that is current and up to date, most have not named a charity as a beneficiary. Why? Studies tell us that the primary reason people don’t name a charitable passion in their estate plan is because no one asked them -- and therefore it never dawned on them to do it!

So for all of you Calumet fans out there -- what we do here is vitally important in the lives of children, families, individuals, and congregations.  What we do here really matters.  Remember Calumet with a gift - consider yourself asked!

Learn more about the Evergreen Society by contacting Ginger. Thanks!

To learn more, contact Ginger.