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Boom Chicka News

This is a landing spot for the periodic sharing of news from Calumet that will help Calumet Nation be in the know and up to date with a whole variety of information, plans, and ideas. This is an effort that is in direct relation to Calumet's attempts to reduce use of paper & ink (15,000 newsletters is a lot), save a few bucks (postage and related costs can add up), and experiment (almost all of Calumet's peeps are now savvy when it comes to simple emails and web searches). Let's see how this goes!

September 2023

ONE -- As always, Facebook and Instagram are great resources for having a look at people having a great time at Calumet. Here are buttons for easy connection.

TWO -- September 16 is coming soon! Registrants for Walk the Walk 2023 -- "On the Road Again!" began snagging miles on July 30 and will keep going until September 16. Anyone can join at anytime. EVEN NOW.The goal is for the group to hit the 110,000 miles mark. The more people who participate, the more likely we'll hit the goal. Sign up for $25 (donation to Calumet) and report miles retroactively.

Additionally, Walk the Walk: "On the Road Again!" has its own Facebook group with hundreds of people participating. A big thank you to Pat for coordinating and managing the page! To register and to learn more, click the button below.

THREE -- The Hospitality Internship Program (HIP) begins this month with four Interns taking part for the nine month program. Have a look at the HIP page to meet the Interns!

FOUR -- Schedule at a Glance is the place to go whenever you want to see what's up at Calumet for the next 10-12 months. Calumet designed and implemented programs are offered all year long and anyone anywhere is welcome to register and enjoy the experiences! Have a look at what's in the store for the Autumn, Winter, and Spring seasons ahead by clicking the button below. Also -- the Schedule at a Glance button will always be at the top of the Home Page.

FIVE -- Calumet is partnering with Thrivent a whole bunch in the months to come. Together, Calumet & Thrivent will be working on a few projects that will mean wonderful financial support to Calumet. Look for announcements about the Pippi Art Space using Thrivent Action Teams, Matching Fund support for the Hospitality Internship Program, and a "Giving Tuesday" experience that will invite Calumet Nation to help camp's Annual Fund in a pretty big way. Stay tuned!

SIX -- Autumn Luterhhostel in October We have shared info about "Fruits & Roots" -- our Spring 2024 event which will be taking the place of Calumet's long-lived Lutherhostel program. But let's not forget that Judy Smith will be here at Calumet very soon for the last Lutherhostel -- the Autumn Lutherhostel 2023 in October. In typical fashion, Judy has great plans for those gathering here at Calumet. Please come if you're able!

"Rejoice Weekend" in December will take place on the first weekend of December -- awesome programming, great food, and centering experiences will make the weekend a fantastic option for folks who want to ensure they start their December on a HUGE HIGH! The group will be decorating Calumet, too, including some awesome ideas that have been brewing for Senior End North. Be part of the fun by searching for December's "Rejoice Weekend" on the Schedule at a Glance. Thanks to Pastor Tim Krick, Pastor Jeff Goodrich, Debbie Heins, Chris Janson, and Laura Almeida who will be leading!

"Grief, Wonder, Hope" in April-- Looking ahead to 2024, Calumet will be gathering folks from all over for a Sunday-Tuesday retreat that will engage participants in some valuable programming related to God's people who experience Grief ... providing space for Wonder as a way of processing, and reminding ourselves that God's people are wired to look for Hope -- even when we're in the pit. There are lots of people for whom a major life event (of any number of varieties) has been jarring, trauma-inducing, shocking, or just incredibly difficult. For some, it's a brand new thing and for others it's a life circumstance that came into being some years ago. Registrants will be together to share, to wonder, to discern, to explore what God might be up to, and to experience some resources and tools that have been a major help to lots of others. A big thanks to Cindy Perkins and Pastor Paul Krampitz for their co-leadership of this new retreat.

SEVEN -- Memorial Chapel on Jackman Ridge In August, Calumet was the host site for the family of the late Pastor Roger & Helen Rotvig who gathered here to place Roger & Helen's cremains at Calumet's Memorial Chapel on Jackman Ridge.. This resource may not be totally familiar to everyone who loves camp, but it's available to everyone who loves camp! Learn more about this wonderful resource.

EIGHT -- The third annual Paula Kent Award for Social Justice celebration will be held on Zoom later in the year. The task force is made up of Don (D.Guy) Johnson, Ginger Brownell, Ron Cashman, Sharon Plante, Knute Ogren and new members Sammy Kalisa and Jennifer Pressey. They met to wonder together about the nominees for this year's award and made their recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board will take action on the nomination at their next meeting. Each year, the Awardee receives an honorarium from a special fund that was created when long-time Calumet staffer Paula Kent retired. Many thanks to Pastor Anna Tew who will be one of the guest presenters on the special evening later in 2023. An upcoming Boom Chicka News will announce the date and invite Calumet Nation to attend. Read about the award here:

NINE -- Women's Weekends John and Gail have been getting the pieces all put together. Chaplains, musicians, and other guests for the three weekend events. Just announced: Laura Schulte and Nancy Russo will be our resident artists.

Women from across New England (and beyond) trek to the shores of Ossipee Lake and stay in cabins, the Conference Center, and the Village. Great food, fellowship, and fun will be just some of what registrants encounter when they attend one of these great weekends. Some people sign up all on their own while others sign up to attend as a group of friends or a group from their congregation. It is easy to feel connected to everyone else right away when you come to a Calumet event. Calumet friendships are long-lasting and deep. If you or someone you know would be a good fit for one of Calumet's Women's Weekends in November, grab one of the spots. Thanks to Alice who handles all the registrations.

TEN -- Support Calumet -- There's been a lot happening at Calumet -- the holy place where the Lutherans hang out in Freedom, NH. But it's not just Lutherans ... Calumet is for all people. The Lutheran Lens is the one we use when we're planning and welcoming and learning and growing -- sure! But every program is a fantastic fit for anyone who wants to think deeply, walk humbly, share fully, experience with wonder, and love extravagantly. Consider helping Calumet by making a gift. Just $20 helps get Calumet closer to the 2,000 donor goal. You can give as much or as little as you like. Can you help?