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Fruits & Roots -- OCT 7-10

IN October, we'll be thinking about the fruit of the spirit -- PEACE. Details will be coming together in the weeks to come. But here's what we did at April's event when we focussed on JOY.

Left: Spring 2023 Adult Retreat (Lutherhostel) Right: The Funky Divas of Gospel

What is "Fruits and Roots"?

Beginning in the Spring of 2024, Calumet will embark on a journey of explortation with people of any age who can make time to get to Calumet during the mid-week. Fruits & Roots is a learning experience -- an opportunity to grow, engage, and be renewed. At each Fruits & Roots retreat, participants will dig into one of the nine fruits of the Spirit during a multi-day visit to Calumet. Calumet's programs -- especially this one -- are deeply rooted in Christ. What does that mean?

Calumet endeavors to be a place of welcome, hospitality, safety, compassion, and goodness. The meals that are served are beautifully presented, absolutely delicious, and -- well -- let's just say "plentiful" is a good descriptive word. Our accommdoations are comfortable. Guests staying in the Conference Center and the Village Cabins will enjoy private bathrooms. Those who choose a the Retreat Lodge or the Staff House by the Lake will make use of common bathrooms. And there is the option to re-visit the old classic camp days by opting for a modest cabin that is positioned near to one of our clean, well maintained bathroom facilities. Our programs are planned and implemented in a such a way that guests quickly get to know each other naturally begin to develop friendships.

PROGRAM -- The FRUITS we're talking about can be found in Paul's Letter to the Galatians. Let's have a look and get ROOTED in this program's thematic offering -- Galatians 5: 22-23 says: "...the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against such things."Delicious meals, meaningful morning devotions, holy singing, walking around areas of camp, a day-trip or two, camp activities related to the theme, substantive presentations, time for prayer and wondering, active learning, and tons & tons of laughter.

LODGING -- The Conference Center (CC) has sleeping spaces on the first floor (the same level as the Dining Room and some meeting areas). The second floor has additional rooms (where there is also a large lounge). The Village Cabins (VC) have a variety of options in terms of layouts. Two "larger cabins" have sleeping rooms on the second floor with a bathroom on the first floor. The "smaller cabins have a sleeping room and bathroom on the first floor. Finally, the Village has a few "hotel style" rooms which people find to be just perfect for their Calumet stay. The Staff House by the Lake (SH) has five big sleeping rooms and a couple of common baths. The Retreat Lodge (RL) has two big sleeping rooms upstairs and bathrooms downstairs. Lastly, our modest Camp Cabins have heat and the simplest of sleeping accommodations. Bathroom facilities are just a few steps from the cabin door. These are fantastic even though they are quite simple (and priced very affordably!).

Single/Double/Triple Occupancy -- At Calumet, our goal is to figure out how to make sure that both guests are comfortable and that as many guests can participate as possible. There aren't too many single occupancy options around camp. But that's not been too bug a probem over the years. It's not at all unusual for a couple of single friends to double up in one of our comfortable spaces. There are even rooms for as many as three or four people! Help Calumet be ready for as many guests as possible by being flexible.

Day Guests -- There are quite a number of folks who make up Calumet Nation who live within driving distance and those folks might choose to participate fully as Day Guests. This option would have a fee that is only food and program. Contacting the office to get info on this option would be the way to go.