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Boom Chicka Move -- 2024

Become a Boom Chicka Mover this summer!

For many years, Calumet Nation has come together to Walk the Walk -- a time of movement, connection, and support for Calumet. This year, our walking will be rooted in our call to Boom Chicka Move! The fee to participate in ONLY $25 and the fee is a donation to Calumet.

This time of activity, common purpose, and togetherness for good is an annual event. Together we set a goal of: (1) keeping active, (2 ) growing relationships, and (3) suppporting Calumet.

For our MOVEment event this year, we're going to be seeking mileage of all kinds! We will be intentional about finding bikers, and hikers, and runners, and swimmers -- all kinds of movement that is not motorized and requires our bodies to move into the forward space.

Look for a registration link starting June 1.

We start moving on July 1 and finish our movement for Calumet on August 31.

The people/mileage goal -- 800 registrants and 151,000 miles. Registrants can be two legged or four legged -- that's right -- get those pooches signed up!

A brand new options for folks who don't want to report mileage is that they will be able to choose the standard of 1.5-2 miles per day.

Move Up the Miles is new this year. Invite someone ... or many someones who are not registrants this year ... to join you in your movement for Calumet and you can count their miles for YOUR total. It's a fun way for us to be intentional about investing in relationships. Invest in an old friend or invest in a new friend! Better yet, invest in both and help them get to know each other. Each week there will be a Move Up the Miles Question that will be suggested on the Facebook page.

Be part of the special group on Facebook by requesting to join the page (and answer the couple of questions so that the admin(s) know you're "legit."

It's going to be a great experience this summer! Boom Chicka MOVE and Boom Chicka Boom!