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Boom Chicka Move -- 2024

Celebrate that we can move!

Boom Chicka Move is our summer movement event that falls under our annual Walk the Walk effort. 

Registration: Starting June 1, Calumet Nation can register for Boom Chicka Move. The registration fee is $25. The fee is actually a donation to Calumet and includes a Boom Chicka Move logo bandana. For those registering by July 1, there will be an opportunity to upgrade to a Boom Chicka Move t-shirt for an additional $12.

And don't forget that Calumet's annual MOVE program is encouraging of Pooch Participation! Their miles count, too!

Walk, Run, Hike, Bike, Swim: Anything that requires your body to do the work needed for forward progression counts for mileage. 

Reporting Options: Two options this year.

(1) During registration, there will be an option to report mileage two times during the event. Those who choose this option will be eligible to participate in the Move Up the Miles possibility.

(2) Some out there don't want to have to report miles at all. We have an option for them! Choose this option and find contentment that you'll be counted as having done 1.5 - 2 miles each day (the average for Americans).

New This Year -- As a way of inviting others to move their bodies, too, and to create moments for growing in relationship, we've added a cool new thing called "Move Up the Miles."  This year, we're making space for participants to invite others for one move event or a whole series of move events called "Move Up the Miles." Folks can invite others to join them for a movement activity. Here's how that works. I invite a friend (WHO HAS NOT SIGNED UP FOR BOOM CHICKA MOVE) to join me for a walk (or run or whatever) as a way to Move Up the Miles. At the end of that activity, I can add my friend's miles to mine for that event and submit those miles for my Boom Chicka Move totals. Here's more -- If I invite my whole church to join me for a three mile hike, I can count three miles for me and three miles for every single other person for that Move Up the Miles event. 

Fundraising: Together, we'll raise funds for Calumet. Everyone's registration fee, the *Angel Donor* options, the gifts from congregations, the special gifts in support of Boom Chicka Move ... the goal is to raise $53,000 in 2024 -- just by moving our bodies!


Calumet has a special Walk the Walk Facebook page which participants all over the place are invited to join. Throughout the summer, there will be daily devotions, fun contests, photo sharing, and a Move Up the Miles "Question of the Week." This is something you'll be able to ponder with your guest mover!

This Facebook group has been a fantastic way for people to get to know one another. We have a specific group of people led by Pat Mahoney with the job of managing the page and encouraging awesome connections -- a la Calumet Nation! Once you sign up for Boom Chicka Move, you can request membership in the private FB group. Be sure to answer the request questions so that we know you're not a hacker! Ha!

Boom Chicka Move starts July 1 
Goal -- 151,000 miles by August 31