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Dogs of Calumet Nation

Dogs as Guests

We love dogs! Well behaved dogs that are leashed are welcome to the extent appropriate accommodations are available when you are planning your visit. Dogs that are big barkers or that don't do well with others won't be a good fit for Calumet.

So that everyone one can be successful here at Calumet -- whatever time of year -- guests who plan to visit Calumet with their dog(s) will need to pay attention to specific guidelines and requirements for dogs and their owners. Click the button below to see Calumet's "Dog Owner Agreement" that will be required.

You'll want to be in touch with Julie or Alice regarding whether we have the available space set aside for those with pooches. When that step is all set, you'll likely benefit from printing the form and having it with you when you check in. Note that there may be an added expense/fee in some cases.

Calumet's Dog Park

Alum Rob Gray made a special gift to Calumet that will bring lots of joy to the people -- and the dogs -- of Calumet Nation! The gift was made in memory of Lorie, his wife and fellow Calumet alum, and in honor of Rob's fantastic dog -- Cooper. Calumet has carved out a special section of land adjacent to the Village Cabins and the Oasis, alongside the trail that leads to the Toboggan Run.

Brand new to Calumet, we'll all share in figuring out how to best make it a great resource for all without causing commotion for anyone. Calumet will post some guidelines for use, provide some dog-waste baggies, invite people to be sensitive in its use so that others can use it, and encourage people to share a pic of their four legged friend using the space!

Whether your dog is photographed inside the dog park or some other wonderful place around camp, we'll gladly add the pic to our Dogs of Calumet Photo Album.

Walk the Walk is for dogs, too!

Calumet people love Calumet for all kinds of reasons ... and their dogs love Calumet, too!

Our annual "Walk the Walk" which takes place during several weeks in the summer was designed with a special hope that the pooches of Calumet Nation would be able to be very fully involved. Sign up your four leggegd friend to join you in this year's Walk the Walk: "On the Road Again."

Whether your four-legged friend is signed up for "Walk the Walk" or not, we here at Calumet want to get a pic of your fantastic furball for our "Dogs of Calumet Nation" photo album. Ideally, the pic would be of your pooch alongside their person (and the person would be wearing Calumet gear. Send your pic to Knute using the button below.