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"On the Road Again!"

The Goal -- 110,000 miles in 7 Weeks

732 people signed for Walk the Walk 2023! The theme this year is On the Road Again!" Registering has been pretty easy and the opportunity to participate will continue to be available thorughout the whole seven week experience. Someone could sign up on September 15th (the day before the end of the seven week walk) and retroactively report their miles!

Most participants will walk. But many will choose to bike, or run, or swim, or hike -- or all of the above. It doesn't matter *how* those miles are snagged. It just matters *THAT* those miles get snagged -- and reported.

Reporting happens on: August 15, August 30, and September 16.


Calumet has a special Walk the Walk Facebook page which participants all over the place are invited to join. Throughout the summer, there will be daily devotions, fun contests, photo sharing, and more. This Facebook group has been a fantastic way for people to get to know one another. We have a specific group of people led by Pat Mahoney with the job of managing the page and encouraging awesome connections -- a la Calumet Nation!