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Calumet Book Club

Book Club Discussion

The Calumet Book Club discussions over the years have been simply fantastic. Regardless of the size of the group, the Zoom chats help with authentic learning, new understandings, and shifting perspectives. Scroll down to see all the books Calumet Nation has read together.

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July -- "White Fragility"

August -- "The Cross and the Lynching Tree"

September -- "Dear Church"

October -- "The Third Reconstruction"

December -- "The Time Is Now"


January -- "You Lost Me"

February -- "This Little Light of Mine" (biography of Fannie Lou Hamer)

March -- "Caste"

April -- "Vanishing Half"

May -- "White Kids: Growing Up With Privilege In A Racially Divided America"

June -- The Poems of Langston Hughes

December -- "Enrique's Journey"


February -- "I Take My Coffee Black" by Tyler Merritt.

March -- "Black Wall Street" by Hannibal Johnson


November -- "The Myth That Made Us" by Jeff Fuhrer.