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Associate Executive Director

A message from Calumet's Board of Directors and executive director Karl Ogren:

As Calumet looks to the future and strengthening its leadership, a new position of Associate Executive Director has been created to collaborate with the Executive Director and Board of Directors through a variety of responsibilities including many previously managed by the Family and Adult Camp Director. With this in mind, we are suspending the search for a Director of Family and Adult programs. 

The Executive Director and Board of Directors have engaged in conversations about staffing structure across the leadership team.  Whenever a member of the year-round staff leaves the organization, some time is taken to examine the position description in light of Calumet’s current needs. Knowing that positions grow and change over time and may differ from the initial job description, it’s important to assess current needs and ensure that hiring is undertaken to provide for them appropriately.

The search to fill this new position will begin immediately and continue until April 6th or until the position is filled.  Interested individuals will find the job description and application requirements here.  Questions related to this position should be directed to Karl Ogren, Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To see the job description for the "Associate Executive Director" click this button.

Questions? Feel free to contact Karl, Calumet's executive director by clicking the button below.