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Yellows Campers Reunion

December 13-15, 2024

This event is a special event which is limited only to those campers who were in Yellows during the summer of 2024.

Were you in Yellows this past summer?  Was it the best summer you’ve ever had at Calumet?  You bet it was!

There’s nothing quite like the Yellows experience.  The oldest kids on camp…doing your own thing day in and day out.  It was an amazing time, where you got to take part in all sorts of in-depth discussions, play a bunch of awesome games, and go out on some amazing daytrips and overnights.  At the same time, it might have been a little sad too…after all, it could be the last time you’ll ever be a camper at Calumet….or was it…???

So tell your friends, tell your parents, and get ready to come up to camp in the middle of winter for a superfantastic time. What? Winter? At Calumet! That’s right…camp is just as awesome in the winter as it is in the summer, and if you don’t believe us, we dare you to check it out. That’s right, we DARE YOU!!

To learn more contact Julie