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Women's Weekends

NOVember 3-5, 10-12 & 17-19, 2023

Women's Weekends at Calumet are among the most popular programs we have here at Calumet. They provide an important opportunity for women to get away for fellowship, relaxation, faith sharing, (maybe some early Christmas shopping, too!) and fun. Come enjoy breakfast buffets, yummy lunches and a special Saturday evening candlelight dinner, followed by evening entertainment.

Each weekend has a different flavor even though all weekends have the same theme. Why? There is a different chaplain, a different musician, a different community of women! But all of them are special and so loved by all who come and enjoy the time away. 

Check out our lineup of chaplains and musicians for Fall 2023!

Week 1
Pastor Kathleen Mills
Sarah Huber

Week 2
Pastor Beth Anderson
Nancy Nesheim

Week 3
Pastor Rafaela Morales-Rosa
Kat Dickau


This year, by overwhelming request, Rafe Matregrano is returning, with friends, for our Saturday Evening Entertainment! He plays in multiple local bands, and will be bringing them along! We'll be hearing from Generations Weeks 1 & 3, and Chimera Week 2. They all will put their own spin on popular music from across the decades!

Guest Artists

Guests can be looking forward to weekend leadership from visiting artists Laura Schulte during Weekend 1 and Weekend 3 and Nancy Russo during Weekend 2.