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Trainee Reunion

December 6-8, 2024

Were you a Trainee during the summer of 2024?

Do you find yourself missing the summertime? I mean really missing the summertime? Do you sit around and think back on all those amazing weeks you spent at Calumet, helping kids to have the greatest summer of their lives? Do you spend hours staring off into space, remembering all your fabulous friends, both old and new, and all the great times you had together? Is there nothing you’d like more than for the fall, winter, and spring to hurry up and get over with so you can get back to one of the most amazing places on Earth? Well have we got great news for you…you don’t have to wait all that time.

Come to the Trainee Reunion! Those who served as trainees during this past summer are invited to come to Calumet and enjoy a weekend filled with friends, fun, laughter, and all the things you hold dear about Calumet.

To learn more contact Julie