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PumpkinFest at Calumet

*** PumpkinFest at Calumet -- OCT 29-31 (6 PM - 9 PM) ***

HIP Members at Calumet are leading an experince that will be both wicked fun and also serve as a fundraiser to support HIP at Calumet. A couple hundred pumpkins will be carved and displayed for the enjoyment of our most local friends in and around Freedom, NH. Each pumpkin will be carved honoring a person who made a gift to support Calumet's Hospitality Internship Program.

On the 3 evenings leading up to Halloween, the Jack-o'-lanterns will glow and people driving along Ossipee Lake Road will have a chance to see something cool. For those interested -- there will be a "DRIVE BY FOOD DROP" to support the Freedom Food Pantry. If Calumet collects 500 non-perishable items during the three nights of the Jack-o'-lantern display, the Freedom Food Pantry will receive $500 from Thrivent Financial.

Join Us -- Everyone is Welcome!

*** Carving Party -- OCT 29 at 3 PM ***

Sign up and join in so you can add a pumpkin to the the display!

On OCT 29, HIP Members will be hosting a Jack-o'-lantern Carving activity for people of all ages so that people can add their own Jack-o'-lanterns to the display. There is no cost. Friends near are invited to enjoy pumpkin carving while sipping hot apple cider and snacking on apple cider doughnuts provided by Calumet in partnership with the Mengel Group at Thrivent.

Sign up for the carving activity by clicking the button below (so we can plan for success).

***NOTE -- Though the carving event is a no-cost to the participants, everyone is invited to bring a couple non-perishable food items for the Freedom Food Pantry!

Calumet enjoys a strong partnership with Thrivent Financial. Thanks to Mengel Morse and Associates Team at Thrivent for this special event. Visit the Mengel Morse and Associates Team by clicking the button below.