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Winter Quilting Retreats

February 23-26
February 26-28
March 3-6, 2025

Our ever-popular Quilting Retreats offer the perfect opportunity to get away and focus 100% on this artistic hobby that is fun for all levels and ages.

Instructor Connie Wisneski will guide you through a multi-day workshop centered around beginning a new pattern.  She'll make sure you know exactly what's what.  Before you come to camp, Connie provides all the participants with the picture of the quilt, the particular supplies you'll need, and ways for you to ask any questions you have.

Or, if you prefer, you can come with a quilt that you're already working on -- come for the fellowship!  Here at Calumet, we have no rules other than “have fun and enjoy yourself!”

In addition to quilting, there will be trips to local shops such as Mardens, as well as morning and evening devotional times to round out the day.  These retreats are definitely some of our most popular, so come on your own, bring a few friends, or organize a congregational group...but no mattter what, be prepared to enjoy yourself!

To learn more contact Alice