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Knitters' Weekend

APRIL 25-27, 2025

Whether you're an old pro or just learning, this weekend is designed to bring out the knitter in all of us.  From hats, to sweaters, to leg warmers and gloves, knitting is an indispensable talent that can be applied in hundreds of practical ways.

Weekend leaders Betty Emerson & Joan Halvorson from First Lutheran in Lynn, will be more than happy to help you finish whatever project your heart desires.  Of course the whole weekend will not only involve knitting, but also be filled with great food, the warmth of relationships in bloom, and the laughter that can only come from a Calumet experience.  Come by yourself, with friends, or get a group together from your church.  No matter how you decide to come, you'll have a fantastic time. We had so many friends who wanted to knit we have expanded our knitting circles to the Micah Room in addition to the Dining Room!

To learn more Contact Alice