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Grief, Wonder, Hope

April 28-30, 2024

In April, Calumet will be gathering folks from all over for a Sunday-Tuesday retreat that will engage participants in some valuable programming related to God's people who experience GRIEF ... providing space for WONDER as a way of processing ... and reminding ourselves that God's people are wired to look for HOPE -- even when we're in the pit.

There are lots of people for whom a major life event has been jarring, trauma-inducing, shocking, or just incredibly difficult. For some, it's a brand new thing and for others it's a life circumstance that came into being some years ago.

Examples of what might be at the root of grief: Death ... Family Crisis ... Health Condition ... A Congregation's Closure ... A loved one's addiction ...

Retreat participants will be together to share, to wonder, to discern, to explore what God might be up to, and to experience some resources and tools that have been a major help to lots of others.

Our Retreat Leaders ...

A big thanks to alum Cindy Perkins for her co-leadership of this new retreat. Cindy is a retired school teacher, administrator, and counselor of 32 years. Grief, Wonder, and Hope are words that are not unfamiliar to Cindy as she lost her child in 1994. Her own storyline has given Cindy special insight with her private psychotherapy practice.

And thanks to Pastor Paul Krampitz who serves at Bethany Lutheran in Cromwell. In addition to being a resource person for the families who make up the membership of the congregation, Pastor Paul is the Chaplain for the Connecticut State Police. In that role, he was in the thick of it during the life-altering event which people all over the country and the world now know by the simple words, "Sandy Hook." Pastor Paul will be sharing a unique perspective on grief, wonder, and hope.

This retreat will be a very good fit for anyone who is looking for a safe place, a safe community, and safe leaders who want to provide help and share time in the journey.

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