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Giving Tuesday with Thrivent!

Giving Tuesday was November 28 and Calumet Nation came through in a big way. The goal was $20,000 so that we would receive the match from Thrivent in the amount of $10,000. In preparation for the event, Calumet sent a variety of communications including emails, social media posts, and postcards. Throughout the day, Calumet staff monitored the activity on the Thrivent Giving Page.

At 6:30 AM -- $600

At 8:30 AM -- $2,100

At 10 AM -- $10,111

At 11 AM -- $14,756

At Noon AM -- $20,400

At 3:00 PM -- $24,857

At 5:30 PM -- $31,787

At 6:30 PM -- $36,862

At 9 PM -- $39,662

At the end -- $56,162

There is more money to be counted as Calumet received a number of checks and online gifts that came through Calumet's website. The matching gift from Thrivent is above and beyond that. We're edging toward a $70,000 Giving Tuesday event! How cool is that!