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Giving Tuesday with Thrivent!

Giving Tuesday is TODAY -- November 28 -- and this year Calumet is partnering with Thrivent to raise more than $30,000 for Calumet. If Calumet Nation gives Twenty Thousand Dollars using the Thrivent giving portal (click the button below), Thrivent will give Calumet Ten Thousand Dollars

Thrivent Financial has been around a long time. It's two predecessor bodies had Lutheran roots dating back more than a century before merging in 2002. Thrivent is still well known among Lutherans, but the company now serves all people who seek to do business with a company that has integrity, points to generosity, and encourages wise decision-making when it comes to finances.

Q -- "How will *Giving Tuesday* help Calumet?"

Great Question! Calumet will raise $20,000+ and Thrivent will give $10,000. With that $30,000+, Calumet will be able to fund two important things: The Pippi Art Space which is located on the bottom floor of the Oasis, and the Hospitality Internship Program (HIP) at Calumet.

Q -- "What's the Pippi Art Space?"

The Pippi Art Space, named for Sarah Dalzell (who was known to so many as "Pippi" during her time at Calumet), is a new room in the Oasis -- Calumet's newest building. When Sarah died, her circle of family and friends provided funds in her memory which Calumet used to carve out space for guests of all ages to engage in a whole variety of artistic expressions as a way to deepen their relationships with God and with one another. The space now exists -- now we have to fill it up with supplies!

Q -- "What's the Hospitality Internship Program?"

Calumet started the Hospitality Internship Program (HIP) at Calumet" in the fall of 2023. Alyssa, Logan, Roxane, and Will arrived to Calumet in September and will serve Calumet until the end of May 2024. As with any program, the first year is always the toughest in terms of figuring out how it will work and -- probably more importantly -- how it will be funded. Giving Tuesday will help Calumet cover a variety of one-time, up front costs. The big expense: their living spaces. Calumet is in the midst of winterizing four of our rustic cabins. All kinds of people will come together to help Calumet cover the costs on Giving Tuesday!

Q -- "Who Can Give?"

Anyone wishing to participate in this fundraising effort for both the "Pippi Art Space" and "HIP at Calumet" can do so! On the morning of November 28, Calumet will share the special link for the unique giving page for this one-time opportunity to turn $20,000 into $30,000! We need everyone's help.