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JUNE 30-JULY 6 & JULY 7-JULY 13, 2024

Nearly 40 years ago, Camp Calumet created its Resident Camp for those with Special Needs. The focus of this program is to allow children ages 8-18 with particular physical, emotional, or developmental challenges to enjoy a mainstream camp experience by sharing cabins and tents with resident campers, taking part in all regular camp programs, and learning about God’s love.

The joy experienced by those taking part in these programs is not only a testament to the power of Calumet’s ministry, but also to the abundant love we are all capable of as children of God. Calumet has also been continually blessed to have coordinators of this program are here for the expressed purpose of helping each camper succeed. They excel at ensuring that every camper is having a great time and that every counselor is receiving the extra support they might need.

Camp For Those With Special Needs is held during Weeks 1 and 2 of Resident Camp. This is a fully integrated, mainstream experience limited to 15 children. Campers must be able to care for themselves with limited assistance.

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