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Customized Youth Retreat

Schedule a weekend that works for you!

Camp Calumet's program staff is comprised of some of the most dedicated, talented, and creative people you're ever going to meet.  They are always ready and willing to help Church and Youth Group Leaders plan and execute retreats that are specifically designed to meet the particular needs and wants of their youth programs.  Whatever you think will help enrich the experience of your participants, Camp Calumet is ready to assist by providing time, talent, and facilitation.

Whether your youth group is just starting out and in need of some team-building, get acquainted type activities, or is comprised of old friends who are just looking to get away and forge some great memories, Calumet is eager to help.

Just a few of the customizable components that are available to youth groups include:


Calumet's popular low-ropes obstacle course challenges groups to develop effective communication and leadership skills as they pursue completion of complex, team-oriented tasks.  Facilitated by trained staff who know the best ways to get your group to work together, Rob's World will help your group achieve a strong sense of confidence and accomplishment.


They're playground staples to be sure, but under the instructive eye of Calumet's trained staff, games of kickball, dodgeball, football, volleyball, and broomball are transformed into teachable moments where the ideas of fair-play, togetherness, and sportsmanship can be examined.


Taking the time and care to complete complex craft projects is a valuable teaching exercise when helping youth understand the concepts of patience, persistence, and hard work.  Life can be challenging, but by learning the capacity to bear down and stick with it, kids are able to learn that successful completion of a project doesn't necessarily mean doing it the best way, but doing it the way that is best for them.


Let's face it, one of the biggest challenges for church and youth leaders (not to mention parents) is getting the "God stuff" in there.  But learning about God's love for all his children is a vital component for any youth group program that seeks to enrich the lives of its participants.  Calumet's staff is well aware of the need to present devotional moments in frameworks that are easily understood, accepted, and assimilated by youth who might othewise be turned off by the thought of bible study, prayer, or reflective meditation.

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