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Year End Giving FAQs

Question -- Is Calumet a not-for-profit thereby allowing me to deduct the gift from my taxes?

Calumet receives your gift, inputs the details in our database, and then sends you a letter of thanks which you can use for tax purposes. All charitable gifts to Calumet a tax-deductible to whatever extent the law allows.

Question -- Is Calumet cool with receiving gifts of stock or gifts from a family foundation or gifts from a donor advised fund or something else like that?

Yes! Calumet is always ready to receive a gift that can be used for purposes related to our mission. We are ready to receive In Kind gifts, too! Just be sure to ask us about it first. Some things are just not a good fit for us. For instance, we are not able to receive a gift of a 24 square foot neon sign that flashes 24 hours a day.

Question -- Does Calumet have an endowment fund?

Calumet is working to build its endowment fund in the years to come. We have a fund (made up of many funds -- including named funds) that is used every single year. Calumet's endowment fund is carefully invested and has a really smart spending policy designed to ensure that the fund's purchasing power will grow over the long-term.

Question -- A named fund? How does that work?

There are people "out there" who have chosen to make wonderful Annual Fund gifts *AND* start a named fund that is held within Calumet's endowment funds. A named fund has -- or will one day have -- $25,000. We have had donors create their named fund over a period of 5 years giving gifts of, say, $5,000 per year. Some people start a fund in honor or in memory of a loved one. Some want to get a fund going while they're alive and have carved out an asset that, upon their death, will be added to their named fund at Calumet. We're ready to help you think about this kind of option.

Question -- How does Ginger handle all of these things?

One of the great mysteries at Calumet is how Ginger is able to do all that she does. Somehow -- she is able to keep track of all of it! Knute and Ginger are ready to answer your questions about any other matter not already mentioned on this page. Just ask!