A Dream Factory

DSC_0162DSC_0162Summer is a magical time for children. It is a season for frolicking away the days with friends. It is a time to laugh, run, jump, and sing. It’s a time to build things up, just so you can tear them down and build them back up again. Summer is all about swimming, boating, fishing, arts & crafts, playing fort, putting on impromptu plays, and messing about in the mud. The possibilities are as endless as the days are long.

It is the spirit of the children who play here that makes Calumet such a special place to be in the summertime.  At its core, Calumet is a Dream Factory. It exists solely to make manifest the power of a child’s imagination. It is wondrous because of their enthusiasm, inspirational because of their daring, safe because of their innocence, and fun because of their laughter. Calumet is a place where children can come to learn more about themselves and God’s love for them, a place where they can forge new friendships that will last a lifetime. At Calumet, children learn things about themselves and how to treat others that have long-range, life-shaping influences.

And yet there is no way to sum up all that camp can do for your child, there is truly only one way to explain Calumet, and that is to have your child experience it. As soon as you see the smile on their face when you come to pick them up, you will understand what a summer at Calumet means to a child.  

Don't hesitate to be in touch with Bonnie, the summer camp registrar -- Bonnie@calumet.org (603 - 539 - 3223 ext. 221) -- Get Going!!

Don't hesitate to be in touch with Bonnie, the summer camp registrar.

  (603) 539-3223 ext. 221    Bonnie@calumet.org

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