Accolades from Parents

the_Hodge_Familythe_Hodge_FamilyLisa reports:

“We have been family campers at Calumet since before we had children.  In the summers after our older daughter was born, we continued to visit Calumet, and while she enjoyed it, she just couldn’t wait until she was old enough for resident camp!  When she finally turned eight, she was SO excited to be going to Calumet ALONE, and there’s no other camp that I would have even considered for her at that age.  Sure, she was young and I was nervous—would she like the food, would she get enough sleep, etc. I missed her a lot, but I didn’t worry about her at all; I knew she was under the capable and safety-conscious care of Karl and his staff.

“There were no sad goodbyes that first year.  In fact, she grabbed us both by the hands and practically shoved us out the cabin door shouting, “Okay, you can LEAVE already!”  She and her bunkmates were getting ready for a dip in the lake before dinner.  A few days later, we received a letter that professed how much she LOVED camp (complete with 29 exclamation points), and telling us about all the friends she had made.  She came home and announced her plan to go for two weeks the following summer.  And just this week, I mailed in the deposit for her fifth summer (yes, two weeks!) at Calumet. Last summer, she brought a school friend with her.  The friend’s father can’t thank us enough for introducing Calumet to his family, too.  And now, my younger daughter is asking how many more years until SHE can go to Calumet without Mom and Dad!”

Lisa Hodge, Hampstead, NHMember of Faith, Andover, MA

Jeff_and_KirbyJeff_and_KirbyJeff tells us:

“I appreciate Calumet for the way it develops leaders.  The fall after my daughter was a Counselor-in-Training, her mother was talking to some co-workers whose children had worked at other summer camps.  It was amazing to hear how much more Calumet covers in their leadership training programs.  More importantly, it was the changes we saw in our daughter that told us how significant that summer was to the person she is now.

“I hope that my son can experience that leadership training as well.  While he was a camper, Calumet helped him develop music leadership skills. I want for him the same experiences my daughter had – that life changing, intentional development of leaders for the Church -- and for life"

Pr. Jeff Stalley of Vernon, CTPastor of First, Ellington, CT


Sal_and_LindaSal_and_LindaLinda and Sal share this:

"Parents make so many decisions for their children that impact their lives.  It’s an enormous responsibility. When should parents go back to work?  Daycare?  Stay at home?  What school should they attend – nursery school all the way to college.  Should my child join scouts or sports or take music lessons?  We offer these choices so they can be the best they can be.

"All things considered, I would have to say that the most important decision we made was to send our daughters to Camp Calumet each summer. It helped them become the best they could be.  We family camped along with other families from church, which deepened friendships, and we sent them to resident camp.  As campers, they deepened their faith, made life-long friends, realized the importance of living simply, and they loved their time there.  Calumet has youngsters living in a faith community other than their churches or homes.  This helps them recognize that the church is bigger than a building and exists with the people.

"They wanted to go for two weeks.  Each one of them saved so they could help pay for the second week.  And when they were sixteen, there was nothing else they wanted to do but to be counselors-in-training (CITS).  As CITs they lived in a tent for eight weeks and learned to get along with others, which was a great lesson before college.  They were taught leadership skills that would be used their entire life.  They learned how their actions impact others.  Becoming counselors, department heads, and program directors etc. gave them opportunities to practice many of their new skills and learn so many life lessons.

"As adults they still go back to Camp Calumet.  They bring their children and friends to experience this special place in their lives and hearts  - Camp Calumet."

Linda and Sal MeleTriumphant Cross Lutheran Church, Salem, NH

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