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December 17 Watch Party!

On December 17th, folks are invited to gather together to enjoy time and connection as all of God's people prepare our hearts and minds for the Christ Child. The special, LIVE broadcast of "A Calumet Christmas Carol" -- written by Charles Dickens and Jim Doyle -- will bring joy and reflection for all of us. This event can be veiwed either on Facebook LIVE or by requesting a YouTube link.

Join the cast: Pastor Sara Anderson, Pastor Jon Hopkins, Rob Gray, Kiersten Bjork, Adrien Groleau, Johnny Christianson, Kat & Perry Dickau, and many, many more! Including YOU!

Put together a Watch Party made up of a group of 2 or a group of 102! Get the date on the calendar -- DEC 17 at 7 PM -- and gather people together. Some will gather with church friends for a Potluck Supper ... some will host in their homes with a Dessert Feast ... some will invite a couple of friends for a quiet viewing ... others will seriously party. Take a lead and plan a Watch Party so that we can gather -- many, many, many of us -- for "A Calumet Christmas Carol."

Apply for a Thrivent Action Team to pay for a pizza party! Collect funds for the LOVE offering.

Calumet's not micro-managing this. The ball is now in your court. Be creative. Invite others to help you plan whether it's a big gathering or a small, intimate experience.