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Sunday, Week One: Installation of Karl and Staff

Sunday_Morning_Installation_picBishop Payne was at Calumet for the installations. Karl E. Ogren, Calumet's new Executive Director, was officially installed and prayers were offered. Said Bishop Payne about the word installation, "It makes me think about carpeting, but I don't think you'll let people walk all over you." The gathered people also offered prayers of support as Bishop Payne shared that so many people her age -- "and I'm really old," she said -- can remember an encouraging word, a gracious act, or a kind gesture that their camp counselor offered so many years before ... and how that had stayed with them.  "You will be Jesus to those campers this summer."  It was a song-filled and spirit led worship service that was held in Luther Hall as the skies had a threatening look to them. In the end, the joy of the morning's worship won the day.  Check out a couple of highlights.

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