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Sunday Music from Soup to Nuts

Worship_Campfire_W4This morning at Calumet, we started the wonderful musical day in the Outdoor Chapel with more than 500 in attendance. Wonderful singing, superb preaching by Pr. Jon Niketh from First in Lynn in MA, a great choir anthem, and one heck of a cute puppy. All are welcome at Sunday worship at Calumet. Each Sunday we're in the Outdoor Chapel (unless the weather moves us indoors to Luther Hall). Not sure where the Outdoor Chapel is? No worries. Find a parking spot around camp at about 9:45 and follow the crowd.

This evening we closed the day with a campfire on the beach. We begin the singing while the sun is beginning to set, and close the evening when it's good and dark. Thanks to Unit Leader Steve Bagley who taught the crew the camp cheer. On certain nights, during certain songs, the Calumet enthusiasm reaches the far shores of Lake Ossipee! If you have any great campfire moments you want to share, send them along to and we can share them on this blog!

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