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Sunday Interviews

Pre_Brunch_W4Calumet campers come from all over the place. A few interviewed today come from New Jersey (and there was a short debate as the the true "from status" of one camper with some really cool earrings. Interviewing campers allows for some great, honest answers. I'm a big fan of honest feedback. If campers aren't honest about what they like and don't like, Calumet can't get better! Leave it to one of the interviewees to say that the only thing he doesn't like about camp is ... CHURCH! Regardless of the awesome choir anthem, the great sermon, the lively singing of the hymns, and the more than 500 in attendance -- he just wasn't into it! But he loves everything else about Calumet. Maybe he'll come around to liking worship someday in the future. He seems like he'll be coming to camp for a loooooooooong time. Others love their counselors, their activities, their friends, singing songs -- awesome!

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