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small_worldThis morning just before worship, this story was told by a long-time family camper:

"I had a little "procedure" done this past week and went home to Massachusetts.  As I sat in my hospital room, in walks a familiar face -- a friend from years ago who we invited to camp with us in Family Camping.  She asked how things were up at Calumet and then told me told me that she would be my nurse.  'Wonderful,' I thought.  A few minutes later she asked me, 'Is Calumet in Ossipee?'

"Before I could answer, a voice from the corner of the room -- the doctor -- said, 'No, Calumet's in Freedom.'  I couldn't believe it.  There we were in this hospital room -- the patient, the nurse, and the doctor -- all connected to Calumet.  It turns out that his daughter is on the staff, and that he was at worship in the Outdoor Chapel last week -- and so was I.  Small world!"

UPDATE (July 24th) From Laurie Grandstrand: "Our event is old! In 2008 Erik & I traveled to Sweden as his college graduation present. He was wearing a Calumet shirt in the Amsterdam airport and, low & behold, there was another Calumet family. When you wear your shirt proudly you never know when you'll learn just how far the Calumet enthusiasm reaches."

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