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Kids Being Kids @ Calumet

Kids_Being_Kids_picCalumet is one of those places where that little kid from Boys Cabin 4 can just be himself and that girl from Girls Cabin 7 can just be silly.  It's really the way it should be!  That sense of safety to be oneself is not an accident.  Calumet staff members, particular the awesome counselors, go through a whole process making sure they have what it takes to lead a group of campers.  It's starts with the interview way back in the fall.  Does the candidate possess the desire to have fun and keep kids safe?  Does the candidate live a life that is in line with the ideals set forth by the awesome camp?  Volunteer?  Put the other first?  Understand the sense of team?  Care about sharing faith stories and enjoy being in community?  Want to help young people grow in faith and in confidence? Calumet campers can be silly, have fun, try new things, and explore issues of faith because our staff ensures that they'll be safe, that they'll be supported when things don't work out, and that this community is about building one another up! Campers love Calumet!  Thanks to the entire staff for making it all possible!!
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