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How Many Lutheran Pastors Does It Take To Catch Some Rays At Calumet?

Collars_on_the_BeachPr. Dave Dalzell from Good Shepherd in Laconia in NH, Pr. Geoff Sinibaldo from St. Michael in New Canaan in CT, Pr. Dan Carlson (ret.) from Charlestown in RI, and Pr. Tim Osolvich from Trinity in Vernon in CT ... you should have felt the vibe of faithfulness on Calumet's Family Camp Beach this past week!!  Dalzell was leading an activity called "Remembering Our Baptism" in the first swim section, Sinibaldo gathered some little children and did an impromptu re-enactment of "Jesus Calls the 12," Carlson visited picnic tables and lead the crowd is reciting the Athanasian Creed, and Oslovich stood by the shoreline and discussed how cool it would be to see the parting of Lake Ossipee!  What a week!
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