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2018 Saturday Stories - Staff Week

Hello Calumet Nation! My name is Amy O’Riley. However, at Calumet most people know me by my maiden name Amy Gillam. Guess what? After 18 summers away, I am back on staff! That’s right! For the Summer of 2018 I will be serving as the Media Specialist for Resident Camp! I will be spending this summer behind the lens of my camera capturing the amazing moments here at Calumet. My goal for the summer is to reach out and connect with Calumet Nation. One of the things I will be doing is hosting a Storytime on Saturdays! So here we go...

My Calumet story began before I was born! My mother, Suzanne Hopkins Gillam was on staff in the 1960s. Maybe I can get her to tell you her story! Get ready Mom, I’m coming for you with my camera!!! Anyway, She is the reason why Calumet has been a huge part of my life. She would bring me with her when her schools came up to Calumet for the very first sessions of Environmental Education and that was just the beginning. I was a camper in the 1980’s ... Karin Olson was my very first counselor in GC1. I became a CIT of 93, was a counselor in Unit 1 and Arts and Crafts, Unit 1 Unit Leader, CIT trainer in 1999, and my last summer (until now) was the summer of 2000 when I was Program Director.


Now I could go on about how Calumet has shaped the person I am today... but I’m really here to tell you that we want to hear your story! Whether it’s your Calumet story, your faith journey, a funny camp memory, or may some camp history (like why is there a propellor hanging on the wall in Luther Hall, or how did Flamingo Road in FC get its name?), we want to hear from you so please find me around camp or send me an email at and tell me your stories!

And lastly... please connect with us on social media this summer! Go to our Instagram feed for daily photos, interactive posts and more! Our Facebook page for a weekly album of photos, information about special events and happenings, and our Boom Chicka Blog for daily videos! We can’t wait to see this summer for the best summer ever!!! Boom Chicka Boom!!!


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