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Monday, Week One

Written by Knute Ogren on Monday, 01 July 2013

Leaving Rah Rah RayAnd the first blog entry of the summer has arrived! Enjoy listening to You're the Source while seeing so many campers clapping and singing along, meet the Unit Three Leader named Garrett from Manchester in CT, and listen to a group from the Girls Junior End talk a bit about the theme of the day! For those who are not brand new to Calumet's summertime blog, you may remember that it took this blogger many, many days to learn that it's way better to hold the camera sideways. Okay ... lesson learned for 2013!

Music Camp Preview

Written by Knute Ogren on Friday, 17 August 2012

Tonight is the big Music Camp Concert. Resident campers, family campers, and parents come together to see the big performance that the campers have been practicing all week for. Here is a quick preview with some of the older kids during a practice this week. It should be a great time tonight!

Friday, Week 7

Written by Knute Ogren on Friday, 17 August 2012

Calumet staff members are simply the best. This important ministry of the Church could never happen without the extremely hard work and dedication of nearly two hundred 16 - 24 ish year olds. Many of the these young adults are actively engaged in the life of their home congregations. Many others grew up at a church and are still connected, but are doing some wondering and discernment. Still others found out about camp through a friend and may not be connected to a church. All of these young adults gather together to create the best summer ever. All of these young adults participate in the training sessions that include curriculum instruction, program activity training, small group sessions, safety sessions, etc. These young people learn the songs, learn the games, learn how to lead discussions, learn how to identify teachable moments ... Young adults make camp happen. Hundreds of kids will say, "I had the time of my life" here at Calumet because young adults from all over committed themselves to serve the Church here in the middle of the woods of New Hampshire. Meet a couple of our counselors -- Sam and Alex. Thanks guys, and thank you to every single one of the young adults who made Calumet's Summer of 2012 the BEST SUMMER CALUMET HAS EVER HAD!

Fun ... Even in the Rain

Written by Knute Ogren on Friday, 17 August 2012

RainsWhen it rains here at Calumet, it's still tons of fun for the kids. Calumet's counselors see to it that there is plenty to do. Some cabin groups go the extra mile and get out in the post rain puddles. You'll meet two campers who loved that! Sometimes, during the rain, the best thing to do is to get everyone to Luther Hall and enjoy skits and songs. L&S II made it happen for us recently with typical enthusiasm. And when the rain stops and the clouds begin to break, campers and staff alike get a beautiful gift. Check out a post-rain Lake Ossipee at the end of the clip. Enjoy.

Day Camp Fun

Written by Knute Ogren on Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Each week, in addition to Calumet's Resident Camp, Calumet has a Day Camp that kids attend. These are kids who come from parents family camping or families in the area who want to experience what Calumet has to offer, but at a younger age. Today, the kids were playing a game with the parachute called shark attack. Kids would hide under the parachute and try to pull people under. Everyone looked like they were having a lot of fun:

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