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Week One, Thursday

Written by Knute Ogren on Friday, 05 July 2013

Dylan and KarlDylan and Karl were walking on by after a satisfying lunch in the lakeside dining hall. They met each other on Sunday when they met in Boys Cabin 5. Calumet's a place that helps kids meet new people and have a great time as they explore God's blessings.

Week One, Wednesday

Written by Knute Ogren on Wednesday, 03 July 2013

LS 1The sun was out today! What a wonderful blessing! It was something else to see the happy faces of the kids heading off to swim at swimming lessons, and paddle canoes at boating class, and run across the fields for soccer class. Calumet is the kind of place that notes success based on smiles and how those smiles are shared with each other. It's been almost 55 years since A. Swante Johnson, a traveling salesman from Grace Lutheran Church in Needham, found this perfect piece of property for the Lutheran Church's new camp for boys and girls. There simply is no way that he and the other founders of Calumet could have come close to imagining what their preicious find would produce. This place has nurtured thousands of people with waters lapping at toes by the beach, soft grass cradling heads in the fields, and trees offering cool shade on warm days. Those joys have been felt as people laughed with other people ... shared with other people ... helped other people wonder and learn. Check out a couple brilliant moments from today. Thanks to the dock jumpers, Campfield, some L&S kids, and Jane.

Week One, Tuesday

Written by Knute Ogren on Tuesday, 02 July 2013

GC1 HappinessCalumet's staff is just the best! Surely there are plenty of people who are very concerned about the kids who are at camp this week and having to deal with some rain and cloudy skies. But the truth is -- the kids are having tons of fun! There's laughter all around, wicked lively 4-square games, swimming lessons, boat trips, busy creative arts shoppes, running across fields, acting in Luther Hall ... it's quite something. Calumet Day Camp has an enrollment that is an all time high for week one. POP Rocks Day Camp in Brockton is zooming along. Calumet's staff members make it all happen. Check out this clip to see happy kids responding to the hard work of excellent counselors.

Monday, Week One

Written by Knute Ogren on Monday, 01 July 2013

Leaving Rah Rah RayAnd the first blog entry of the summer has arrived! Enjoy listening to You're the Source while seeing so many campers clapping and singing along, meet the Unit Three Leader named Garrett from Manchester in CT, and listen to a group from the Girls Junior End talk a bit about the theme of the day! For those who are not brand new to Calumet's summertime blog, you may remember that it took this blogger many, many days to learn that it's way better to hold the camera sideways. Okay ... lesson learned for 2013!

Music Camp Preview

Written by Knute Ogren on Friday, 17 August 2012

Tonight is the big Music Camp Concert. Resident campers, family campers, and parents come together to see the big performance that the campers have been practicing all week for. Here is a quick preview with some of the older kids during a practice this week. It should be a great time tonight!

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