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Week Three, Sunday

Written by Knute Ogren on Sunday, 14 July 2013

Miruet 1There's a lot of "I love Calumet" talk out there. And Calumet loves that kind of sentiment. There's a lot of love about what happens here. And it all gets built upon the foundation of God's love for all people, of Christ's sacrifice which frees all people, and of the Spirit's continue presence and movement in our lives. Calumet's weekly worship experiences in the Outdoor Chapel attract plenty of people and more than a handful of their four legged friends. For those who are too far away to get here, check out the "Week Three, Sunday" blog entry of Boom Chicka Blog!

Week Two, Friday

Written by Knute Ogren on Saturday, 13 July 2013

Girls Cabin One SillinessLots of times a Boom Chicka Blog interview just doesn't go the way one would expect it to go. And that's okay. In fact, sometimes that's the perfect opportunity to show folks what happens here and what kind of impact camp can have on a kid, or a group of kids. Sometimes the right kind of interview can show off the kind of kid that loves coming to camp. This it totally true with a couple of the interviews from Friday. The group in Girls Cabin One just couldn't keep it together -- we tried, we tried, we tried. What a silly cabin! And during the interview with Sam, the conversation seemed to take a couple of entertaining diversions. Calumet is a place for creative, silly, and interesting kids. May there be many more summers to come so that creative kids are nurtured, silly kids are encouraged, and interesting kids are engaged. Boom Chicka Boom!

Week Two, Thursday

Written by Knute Ogren on Thursday, 11 July 2013

Molly OhmanMeet Molly. Molly is one of Calumet's Program Directors for Resident Camp. Not only is she one of the key leaders who is working loooooong, long hours to make sure everything goes the way it's supposed to -- she's one who has benefitted first-hand from Calumet's awesome programs for kids, adults, and families. When Calumet says to moms and dad, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles ... whomever ... that a child who comes to Calumet will have the chance to think about how much God loves them, laugh a lot, and make new friends -- it's because of people like Molly. She and all of her colleagues -- the other program directors, the unit leaders, the department heads, all of the counselors and support staff-- well, they never rest (other than that well-deserved day off each week). 

Week Two, Wednesday

Written by Knute Ogren on Wednesday, 10 July 2013

PhilOne of the great things about being a staff member at Calumet is the opportunity to meet, and create deep friendships with, persons from all over the world who travel to NH for the summer. Phil is a counselor in yellows this summer. He has a fun laugh and gets along with the campers so well as you can see from the interactions in this blog post. You'll also meet a group of boys who are getting ready for supper and what they think about the food here at camp. What a blessing to have so many wonderful campers here by the lakeshore this summer!

Week Two, Tuesday

Written by Knute Ogren on Tuesday, 09 July 2013

Week Two CamperThere are SOooooo many options to choose from when it comes to Department time. Calumet has seven departments with quite a number of classes in each department (swimming, boating, arts & crafts, music & dramatics, photo, nature, and field sports). There's really something for everyone! Campers sign up for three classes that they will attend each day, all week long. There, campers learn a new skill, try a new activity, or explore a piece of the life experience that has always seemed intriguing. During those class times, they will meet and get to know other campers (many of whom won't be in their units or areas of camp). Additionally, there is one Free Period each day during which the campers can try a one time activity without feeling stuck by having to go to it everyday. Campers learn a whole lot, meet new people, and may even find out that they are really, really good at something that never occured to them to even try. Meet some kids who are playing bocce and Da'von who seems to love just about everything! 

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