Calumet's Reach the Beach Transition Area

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The very cool news to report is that Calumet was once again named a transition spot for the big Reach the Beach race. For seven years, Calumet runners and drivers have benefitted from the wonderful hospitality of individuals and groups at the 36 transitions areas all along the race course. Calumet will share our great gift to hospitality to about three thousand runners and drivers who will visit Calumet during the Reach the Beach race. The race will take place on September 14-15 and congregations from all over New England have lined up to serve as congregation sponsors.

  Calumet Transition Area Pics from 2017

To see a map of the transition at Calumet, click TRANSITION MAP.

Executive Director Karl Ogren has been working with race officials to make sure that Calumet is ready. "The Reach the Beach directors have been very easy to work with. I'm looking forward to letting the many RTB runners and drivers see for themselves how welcoming Calumet is. We are ready to serve!" Details of where exactly on the camp property the runner transition will take place are still being worked out. Calumet expects runners to begin arriving for their transition at about 3 pm on Friday, September 14th.

Check out Calumet's RTB HISTORY and you'll see how Calumet's participation has grown over the years. Click RUNNERS and learn what kind of commitment it is for the runners and drivers who participate each year.

If you are interested in helping to be part of the team that will run the Transition Area during the big RTB race, contact HERE.

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