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rtbschedulepicReach the Beach Race Schedule!

The teams gather at Calumet's Dining Room on Thursday night (SEPT 14) at 730 pm for the team meal prepared by Calumet's Dining Staff. During that time, we will be checking in with one another, gathering together by Race Legs, then as teams, and then as vans. Runners will get their official Reach the Beach jersey, runners and drivers will receive their special Calumet race shirt which will identify the group at the finish line, and drivers will grab first aid kits, safety equipment, course binders, and rule books. Executive Director Karl Ogren will bring greetings to everyone. And then to bed by 10 pm.

On Friday (SEPT 15), in the pre-dawn hour, the five teams send their respective Van 1 to Bretton Woods to the starting line. Van 2 runners sleep in and wake up later in the morning. They head to Attitash by 1 pm or so, taking over the running route while Van 1 goes for a rest back at Calumet.

At about 6 PM Van 1 heads to Tamworth for the hand off and Van 2 grabs some shut-eye, half at Calumet and half at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Laconia. When midnight comes, Van 2 heads to Laconia allowing Van 1 a nap, half at Good Shepherd Lutheran in Laconia and the other half at Concordia Lutheran in Concord. Then comes sunrise on Saturday (SEPT 16). This daybreak switch at Bear Brook State Park sends Van 2 to their last nap at Triumphant Cross Lutheran in Salem, NH until they begin running one more time at noonish.

That final switch happens at Sanborn High School where Van 1 finishes their run and heads to Hampton Beach to begin cleaning the van, grabbing a bite to eat, and relaxing on the beach until the end of the race. Van 2 runs their last legs and arrives to Hampton Beach at about 4 pm. Each team's Van 1 and Van 2 cross the finish line together as a whole group.

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