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Reach the Beach 2018 -- September 13-15

There are spots for runners, drivers, luggers, and chaplains -- Interested?? 

Email knute@calumet.org with "RTB 2018" in the subject line. Then you'll get connected to Ginger to arrange for the $100 fee.

Each year, we get better. We learn our lessons from the previous year. 2018 is going to be the best Reach the Beach we've ever had!

Each runner pays a $100 for a spot (which will eventually be counted as a donation on your fundraising page).

Each runner will hear from Pete Schiller about some important details.

Each runner will be responsible for finding donors to help us reach $109,000.

The WHOLE team is depending on each runner being in good running shape.

Each runner agrees to be familiar with the RTB rulebook and have an eye on the BIG PICTURE of Calumet's participation in RTB.

Each runner is flexible and has a role to play in the success of getting everyone to the finishline "on time."

Each runner has a part to play in making sure everyone has a good experience as we work together to raise $109,000 for Calumet.

 Watch the second place winning video clip of Calumet All Stars' RTB 2013 experience. Calumet Staffer Adrien Groleau is awesomely funny and this video clip gives you a little glimpse of that gift.

  Watch Now

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