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September 14-15    — Runners & Drivers

On September 14th, we will post a detailed document for each team sharing guestimates for where they'll be and at what time.

Calumet Boating — Start Time TBD   

V1: Joe Graumann, Anna Tew, Ali Thayer, Brian Zimmel, Carolyn Fales, Austin Connell, and *Driver Julie Anderson*

V2: Ben Vajdos, Ryan Doncaster, Nate Mathieu, Leigh Ricci, Casey Ricci, Michaela Stokke, and *Driver Kailina Mills*

Calumet Nature — Start Time TBD

V1: Kate Lacroix, Wade Michels, Ryan Connell, Geoff Sinibaldo, Kathleen Janakis, Peter Diamante, and *Driver Tina Mayo*

V2: Paul Jackson, Spencer Tate, Ryan Clancy, Bryan Berlin, Kira Dancewicz, Haley Andreozzi, and *Driver Adrien Groleau*

Calumet M&D — Start Time TBD  

V1: Anthony Hatch, Dustin Wright, Sam Allison, Christian Holleck, Sam Chang, Laura Conner, and *Driver Kate Lopes*

V2: Alexa Kimker, Garrett Connolly, Mark Lanolina, Aryana Aslansadeh, Wyatt Gantenbein, Adam Fales, and *Driver Dan McLoone*

Calumet A&C — Start Time TBD  

V1: Jon Hopkins, Greg Eden, Laura Chenowith, Kevin Arndt, Jennifer Dee, Big Matt Hayn, and *Driver Brian O'Malley*

V2: Gary Anderson, Kristy Moore, Sara Anderson, Steven Roenfeldt, John Christianson, Cindy Perkins, and *Driver Zach Zimmerman*

Calumet Field Sports — Start Time TBD  

V1: Heidi Richard, Cee Vallee, Kim Conner, Jeff Stalley, Tye Jordan, Michael Schlesselman, and *Driver Elizabeth Martens*

V2: Eric Brown, Mark Rhodes, Rick Tofteroo, Jennifer Brown, Dick Stott, Karen Stott, and *Driver Paul Lindahl*

Calumet Swimming — Start Time TBD  

V1: Tim Bruce, Joe Herman, Max Heaton, Sue Bruce, Amy Grant, Marc Cajolet, and *Driver Bob Ohman*

V2: Ken Languedoc, Antje McDowell, Amy Leighton, Emily Langudoc, Todd Gothberg, Rebecca Moore, and *Driver Tom White*


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