Reach the Beach Prayers

These are suggested prayers for some Sunday mornings leading up to Calumet's Reach the Beach run which takes place on September 15-16. These can be adapted or edited in whatever way the congregation chooses. Or even ignored for a better prayer developed by someone on the local level. The hope on Calumet's part is that both the runner receives prayer and that some kind of greater work is raised up in prayer, too. Contact Knute with questions or thoughts. KNUTE


Prayer Number 1


We pray for all those who are in training for breast cancer walks, diabetes bike rides, arthritis triathlons — and all events that are raising money to end sickness or to promote goodness. May your children be disciplined in their daily practice, may they nourish their bodies carefully, and may they be successful in their efforts. We pray especially for Calumet’s Reach the Beach teams — and especially ( first and last name of runner ) — the runner (congregation’s name)’s is sponsoring. Keep him/her safe and healthy as he/she raises money for Calumet’s campership fund. Bless athletes who are doing your work in the world.


Prayer Number 2


We pray for the camps of the ELCA which are scattered all throughout the country. May the ministry at these sites feed the souls of the guests who come. We pray especially for Camp Calumet, the Lutheran camp of New England. May each retreat or camp session be filled with safety, with holy moments, and plenty of opportunity for guests to grow in relationship. Bless ( first and last name of runner ) — the Reach the Beach runner (congregation’s name)’s is sponsoring as he/she raises money for the Calumet’s campership fund. Bless all places that provide programming for people of faith.


Prayer Number 3


We pray for ministries that engage young people. For Vacation Bible Schools, for Day Camps, for Sunday Schools and Youth Groups, for church related schools and day care centers, and for kids camps all over. Make those places safe for kids to grow in faith and to learn about the unbelievable love of God. We pray for ( first and last name of runner ) — our Reach the Beach runner (congregation’s name)’s is sponsoring as he/she raises money for the great work done at Calumet. Bless all work done to benefit children.

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