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Reach the Beach (RTB) is Calumet's biggest fundraiser of the year. We couldn't do it without the wonderful support from congregations all over New England! Runners will start at Bretton Woods and run all the way to Hampton Beach -- over 200 miles!

Learn about Calumet's RTB participation by clicking, Reach the Beach


Each year we ask congregations to sponsor runners. 

See who Knuite matched with whom for RTB 2017 by clicking, CONGREGATION/RUNNER MATCHES 

The most important thing is prayer support for two or three weeks leading up to RTB. Click PRAYERS for some written prayers that are ready to go!

Additionally, most congregations take a special offering, or have a spirited coffee hour with a free-will offering basket for camperships, or have a talent show for camperships, and or hold a bake sale. Funds can be raised at anytime during the remainder of 2017! This is a great way for a congregation to support Calumet's campership fund. Many use Thrivent Action Teams to have some sort of fellowship event -- a special Sunday Morning breakfast, for instance. Most congregations have someone in their community who has access to this Thrivent beneift. It provides $250 in seed money and can easily purchase breakfast foods from a local caterer! For info on Thrivent Action Teams, see below.

For the bulletin insert congregations can use leading up to the Reach the Beach relay, click  pdf BULLETIN INSERT (19 KB) pdf
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A member of the congregation who also happens to be a Thrivent member applies for “Thrivent Action Team” seed money and titles the activity "Calumet Camperships." To get to the application page, click HERE

Sample language:

"The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in Woburn, Massachusetts will be having a special fundraiser during coffee hour to raise money for "Calumet Camperships" which will go to children experiencing financial need. The $250 card will be used as seed money. My team will purchase all the materials for the delicious and extra special coffee hour. Members and friends will be encouraged to make a generous gift into a basket on the table." 

The Action Team grant is actually a $250 Visa Debit Card which can be used to purchase the delicious morsels of food that will be on the coffee hour table. This fellowship event allows congregation members to enjoy a wonderful breakfast together and grow in fellowship, while at the very same time they are joining together to raise money for Calumet. Congregations might consider using a local caterer to provide $250 worth of egg casseroles, hash browns, and bacon thereby giving support to a small, local business.

A free-will offering can be received and counted. The congregation can send a check to Calumet with a note that it is for Reach the Beach.



Here are some interesting informational tidbits that can be used to help people get a sense of how successful Calumet's RTB efforts have been in recent years, and the impact gifts in support of RTB can have on Calumet. 

This is the 8th year Calumet has participated in Reach the Beach.

Year 1 & 2 -- We had just ONE TEAM -- 12 Runners,

Year 3 -- TWO TEAMS -- 24 runners.

Year 4, 5, and 6 -- FOUR TEAMS -- 48 runners.

Year 7, we had FIVE TEAMS -- 60 runners -- and this year ...

SIX TEAMS -- 72 runners!

In 2016, the Calumet Reach the Beach fundraiser accounted for about $87,000 in support of the Annual Fund.

The highest priority of Calumet's Annual Fund is to keep the cost of Resident Camp for Kids as low as possilbe and to provide campership support to children in need.

It is estimated that is costs about $750 for Calumet to provide a week of camp for a kid in 2017. The camp fee was just $630. That means there were about $140,000 in grants benefitting every single child. Additionally, Calumet awards thousands of dollars in campership grants to children from families who can't afford the camp fee. The Annual Fund provides over $200,000 in campership support.



When the congregation's Action Team has completed it's fundraising effort, gifts can be processed by the church office and a check can then be mailed to: Calumet, c/o Ginger Brownell, P. O. Box 236, West Ossipee, NH 03890 (with RTB in the memo line).


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