Paula Kent Award

18paulacollageThe Paula Kent Award for Social Justice


To honor Paula Kent on the occasion of her retirement and take special note of her long tenure at Calumet.

To bestow an award on an annual basis to a member of Calumet Nation who once did or is now doing exceptional work in the area of social justice (environment stewardship, racial justice, fairness for LGBTQ persons, economic justice, religious freedom, and justice for women are examples of areas of social justice).

To celebrate the work being done by people who make up Calumet Nation who are spread across the globe and who are doing immeasurable good wherever they are.

To highlight Calumet as being among the forward leaning entities of the ELCA celebrating God’s beauty, wonder, and calls for justice in unique ways.

To inspire campers, young adult staff members, alums, and family campers to fulfill God’s call to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.


On an annual basis, an award will be granted to one or more persons who are a part of Calumet Nation. Typically, the total amount available for the annual award(s) will be determined in similar fashion to Calumet’s spending policy for its own endowment funds. Four to five percent of the total value of the fund (averaged over 20 quarters) will be made available for the annual award. The fund will have an opening balance of at least $5,000 primarily made up of gifts from donors who want to participate in honoring Paula Kent in this way. The award in 2019 will be about $250. As the fund's value grows, the amount for the annual Paula Kent Award will grow, too.

A small working group will be determined each year by the Board of Directors to work with the Executive Director and/or the Director of Development to identify persons from Calumet Nation who are doing important work related to justice. The group may consist of past board members, staff or staff alums, and rostered leaders. There are no set restrictions on the size of this working group or how many times a person can serve on this working group. Every effort will be made — over the long term — to identify social justice leaders/advocates that represent a whole array of social justice efforts. These social justice efforts may or may not be part of an organized group in the church. Individuals who are granted these awards may or may not be members of a Lutheran congregation.

The first Paula Kent Award(s) will be granted in 2019. The financial award(s) will be granted as an honorarium and will be used at the discretion of the awardee. There are no strings attached.

The small working group will be led by the ED and/or DD and will be directed and encouraged in its work by Calumet's Board of Directors. The award(s) will be given at a time that is convenient to both the Board and to the awardee(s).

Each year, the Paula Kent Award will remind Calumet Nation and the whole Lutheran community of New England of our call to work for justice, hope, and peace. The process for everything related to the Paula Kent Award may be changed by the Board of Directors as time goes on.

How to help grow this fund: 

You can mail a check made out to Calumet (with PK Award in the memo line) to:Calumet, P.O. Box 236, West Ossipee, NH 03890. Or give online at: MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT!

A bit about Paula Kent:

Paula, the longest serving Calumet employee, retires at the end of 2018. From her earliest days on the year-round staff, Paula championed work for justice, hope, and peace. She advocated for excellent decision-making that was anchored in sustainability and fairness. Paula spoke openly about fairness for all people long before it was widely accepted in wider Church circles. She helped Calumet be as good as it could be as it relates to stewardship of God's creation and opportunity for marginalized communities.

We at Calumet believe that the "Paula Kent Award" will be something that Paula will truly appreciate for years to come. It will be a yearly reminder to her that her ministry here at Calumet is one that will live on.

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