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Let Ginger know about your gift intention. A GREAT way to do that today is through EMAIL. Click the gift amount that makes sense. Ginger will be back in touch with you to handle arrangements! Don't use email? No worries -- you can call her at 603 539 4773 ext. 223. But EMAIL is the best! 

I'll give $25! Boom Chicka Boom!

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George Dunk

Calumet Nation is always ready to respond to a challenge. This is especially true when the challenge is achievable and for a purpose that is so incredibly positive. The Next Level Campaign fits perfectly. You've heard about the campaign, read the important details, and are now ready to be one of the 500 donors we need in order for the campaign to be successful. We've done some figuring and we're pretty sure that if we hear from 500 donors on July 20th, we'll get to the overall goal of $85,025. We need gifts of varying amounts.

There is a gift amount that is a good match for nearly everyone! We need two gifts amounting to $5,000 ... 25 in the amount of $1,000 ... 40 gifts at $500 ... 52 donations in the amount of $250 ... 100 people giving $100 each ... and 281 people who can come through with $25

We hope that people will choose an amount that is achievable (but challenge yourself as much as you can!). Many hands make light work. If we hear from 500 people, and each of those 500 people self-identifies a gift amount that makes sense for them, we'll no doubt have success. Beginning at about 8:30 AM on July 20th, we'll begin receiving phone calls, emails, and -- of course -- messages from carrier pigeons. One-time gifts from many people will get us to our goal.

To make your gift intention known to Calumet, either call Calumet at 603 539 4773 ext. 223 or send an email. Simply, choose the amount that makes sense from the options below and click it! It will open an email window with the chosen gift amount in the subject line. In the body of the email, be sure to include your name (and spouse's name, too, if applicable) and your preferred phone number. Ginger will respond to the email with instructions for completing payment. You can make the gift all at once, or you can set up a monthly giving plan through the online giving page

Please spread the word to your children, your parents, your siblings, your friends from church, and anyone else you think might be in a position to have an impact on Calumet's exciting future.


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