Next Level Campaign

We have received more than $110,000 in gifts from individuals (including a major gift of $25,000 which was part of the funding plan). Calumet is beginning work on the projects.

Through May of this year, we'll be concentrating on the congregation phase of the Next Level Campaign which we hope will include 150 or more one-time, smaller gifts from New England Synod congregations. With many smaller gifts, we think we can hit the $25,000 mark. When each congregation makes a gift ($25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or more), it all adds up. Has your congregation participated in the Next Level Campaign effort?

Scroll down below to read all about the Next Level Campaign and the video announcement which was shared in the Spring of 2018. If you haven't yet made your own personal gift towards the campaign effort, please consider participating. Be part of the success! Thanks very much to Calumet Nation!

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Next Level Announcement, Spring 2018



One thing can impact another thing. Through it all our job is to stop and to listen and to dream and to go with the flow. What do I mean?

  • In 2016, Calumet received a surprise gift of $250,000 to build the new Village Cabins. As it turns out, that surprise gift was a cool and wonderful domino. The new lodging spaces gave us rare flexibility with housing our guests. All of a sudden, we had room to do some shifting and create a 30 day window to build bathrooms into each of the first floor rooms of the Conference Center. 
  • So, in 2017 Calumet underwent the Baths & Solar Campaign, a one-day fundraising effort to raise $225,000 for those bathrooms AND to take care of two other things: We installed solar panels on the new Village Cabins and we renovated the Boys Senior End bathhouse. The fundraising was fun, the gifts & pledges came quickly, and the three projects are now completed. It’s awesome! The feedback: “Wow! All of this is wonderful. It’s great having bathrooms in the Conference Center. But when is Calumet going to put bathrooms upstairs in all of the 2nd floor rooms?” Enter - another fantastic domino - another very recent surprise gift …
  • In April of 2018, Calumet received a surprise gift of $100,000 to “do the project most needed.” The Village has grown from four units of lodging to nine units. Somewhere adjacent to the Village, we will soon construct the new, common-space building (thanks to another domino gift from the Lutheran Church of Framingham). No doubt, this means activity back there will be increasing in the years to come! It’s essential that we construct a new entrance at the rear of the Conference Center — a Welcome Area — for those folks enjoying these newer parts of camp. This construction will include needed expansion of the Conference Center office and a bathroom. This project means that we will be able to make water accessible to the far reaches of the 2nd floor. The end result: The much anticipated (and wicked exciting) 2nd floor bathrooms! 

This surprise $100,000 gift is yet another blessing, a fantastic domino. The timing of all of this is excellent and with some extra help from Calumet Nation, we’ll be able to tackle a couple other recently-identified, bigger concerns that will have an impact on Calumet for years to come.

Here’s what we have in mind …

  1. Bathrooms in all of the 2nd floor sleeping rooms of the Conference Center (finally!).
  2. New access at the back of the Conference Center - a Welcome Area - which will be great for guests in the Village & the soon-to-be-built, common-space building.
  3. A new bathroom in the Welcome Area which can be used by Dining Room guests.
  4. Office expansion so that all of Calumet’s year-round support staff can have shared work space which makes for smart planning and long-term cost savings. In addition, this will create new flex space for leaders at the Resident Camp for Kids!
  5. A single, handicap-accessible, gender-neutral bathroom at Resident Camp which further allows Calumet to excel in being a safe & welcoming place for all people.
  6. Replace the nearly 30-year-old walk-in fridge at the Lakeside Dining Hall.

Estimated cost = $285,025

Don’t freak out. Keep reading! We're already almost there.

$100,000 Major Gift  (Done)

$ 50,000 Baths & Solar balance (Done)

Notes: Donors came through with all that we needed, and more. It was a successful campaign. 2. In addition to that, due to careful spending by Karl & Todd and sheer luck that everything went our way when we finally were able to see mysteries behind the Conference Center’s walls, the project came in under budget. 

$  25,000 Major Gift (Done)

Note: Okay, okay. I admit it. This is the one part of the plan I don’t quite know for sure & I’m working on it. I’m hopeful that a donor or donors will come through and take care of this major gift piece? But everything else in this plan is pretty solid.

$  25,000 Gifts from congregations (very optimistic)

Note: 24 congregations participated in Baths & Solar. We hope the remaining 150 congregations can come through with support for the Next Level Campaign. 

That puts us at $ 200,000.

So, the task ahead of us -- Calumet Nation -- $85,025. (Done -- $87,000+ as of October 1, 2018)

When we did the Baths & Solar Campaign (the fun, one-day fundraising effort back in January of 2017), Calumet Nation came through. With the special circumstances related to the new $100,000 domino that just fell, it seems reasonable to try another one-day push. This time -- July 20, 2018!

gift levels

See? It’s not so bad. We really think Calumet Nation can do this. Whether it’s an immediate gift such as an online gift or a gift by check, or you tell us what you expect the total gift to be after several monthly payments, it’ll all be part of July 20th’s tally.

We know that not everyone can do this kind of extra, unplanned giving. Please don’t feel pressure and don’t feel pushed. Calumet’s *Annual Fund* is the most important fund. If you have to choose one or the other, we prefer that you make your gift to the Annual Fund. But if you are in a position to do this kind of extra, unplanned giving to Calumet this year, please consider being part of the Next Level Campaign. You can join the fun on July 20th when there’ll be lots of calling and emailing and Facebooking and Instagramming and website“ing.”

Another option for you to consider: You can write a check right now - combined with your Annual Fund gift - and enclose a note to Ginger letting her know how much is meant for Annual Fund and how much is meant for the Next Level Campaign. We’ll add it to the growing fund and you can know that it’ll be part of the big tally on July 20th. Look, were it not for the groundswell of supportive & encouraging comments regarding the Baths & Solar Campaign (coupled with this surprise $100,000 gift), we wouldn’t be doing this. But Calumet Nation is a Holy Spirit place (and we really like Dominoes). God is doing something we didn’t expect and our job is to stop & to listen & to dream & to go with the flow. If you can help — wonderful! We’ll be building awareness about July 20th’s one-time, one gift-giving opportunity in support of the Next Level Campaign as the weeks progress. As with everything here at camp, giving online is a great option, too. GIVE ONLINE

Help us spread the word! Thanks for your consideration, understanding, & commitment. We can do this.

Questions about any of this? Contact: KNUTE

Questions about participating with a gift? Contact: GINGER

Next Level Campaign gifts received before July 20th will count toward the big tally! Thanks!

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