January 26



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On January 26, 2017 -- Calumet Nation has came through with 430 (and counting) units of the total 526 units to fill in the campaign chart. 

Beginning at 12:01 AM and finishing up at 11:59 PM, the emails, phone calls, and texts from all over was astounding.

In the typical Calumet Nation way, everyone has a part to play -- and we wouldn't have been able to do as well as we did had it not been for that Calumet Spirit shining forth. Just on January 26th alone, we raised nearly $170,000. Wow!!

It's never too late to help us reach the $225,000 goal. In the coming months, we'll begin the congregation phase -- the second of the two phases of this campaign. Individuals, though, can still be part of the success of phase one by contacting Ginger@calumet.org.

To read about the three components that make up the *Baths and Solar* campaign, click HERE.

To learn more about all of this, contact KNUTE. Boom Chicka Boom!

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