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At the May 2018 Board meeting, Calumet's Board of Directors voted to embark on a $85,025 fundraising effort which will take place in just one day -- July 20. The Next Level Campaign will address some needs that Calumet Nation has been asking us to meet for many, many years. With a recent, surprise gift of $100,000 to be used for "the next project camp needs to tackle," we are heading forward with boldness. Were it not for the very successful Baths & Solar Campaign two years ago, we wouldn't be in this great position. Read about the details of the Baths & Solar Campaign and our plan to reach our goal (which we reached, all of us together!). 

The Baths & Solar Campaign -- a look back ...

At the August 2016 Board meeting, Calumet's Board of Directors announced the **Baths And Solar** Campaign to meet three needs. Information sharing about fundraising for the campaign is to begin immediately, and the $225,000 campaign will have two phases -- an Individual Phase and a Congregation Phase. The Individual Phase took place on just one day, January 26, 2017. This had never been attempted before in all of Calumet's history. It was an online effort with heavy emphasis placed on engagement through Calumet's Social Media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), email, and the website.

The three components of the campaign are:

1. The rooms on the Conference Center's first floor will have small, private baths ($170,000).

2. The Village Cabins will have solar panels ($37,000).

3. The Boys Senior End bathroom will be gutted and updated ($18,000).

First, for many years, Calumet has dreamed about whether it is feasible to put a small bathroom in some lodging units of the Conference Center. We continue to hear, time and time again, that Calumet needs more accommodations with a private bathroom. With a wonderful $250,000 gift received earlier this year, which allows for 5 brand new units (added to four others built as part of the Campaign for Today), Calumet is getting better and better at meeting such need. Still, having rooms with baths *IN* the Conference Center is going to be fantastic. And the timing is perfect! With the new Village Cabins available in late 2016, Calumet has rare wiggle room to leverage that new space by shifting guests around a bit. Work on the Conference Center rooms will begin as soon as scheduling allows. We believe this will cost about $170,000.

Second, in order to live more fully in the direction of being excellent stewards of all that God has made, Calumet will install solar panels at the Village Cabins. These panels will provide for the energy concerns of the whole Village (including exterior lighting in the back lots). It's been a challenge for Calumet to see itself in the position to spend "extra" money on solar panels. With this campaign, Calumet can -- finally -- walk the walk of excellent environmental stewardship. The cost for the panels is approximately $37,000.

Third, Calumet's bathhouse in the Boys Senior End (BSE) is pretty awful. For the most part, the guts of the building are the same guts that have been there most of the years we've been a Lutheran camp! Everyone knows that this MUST be updated. The costs associated with the updating it needs will be $18,000.

$225,000 is a lot for any single person. But for Calumet Nation -- $225,000 for "Baths & Solar" is definitely achievable.

On January 26, 2017, Calumet underwent an experiement. We received gifts & pledges from individuals through email, the website, Facebook, and Instagram raising nearly $170,000 in just one day! Throughout the remaining months of 2017, we received an additional $25,000 and counting. Calumet will soon invite congregations to participate through a campaign packet that will be mailed and can be used during a congregation council meeting.

This campaign is thus far successful because, in the typical Calumet Nation way, everyone has a part to play.

Click: Next Level Campaign to learn about the present campaign effort.

To learn more about all of this, contact KNUTE. Boom Chicka Boom!

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