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How Do I Follow The Race?

To follow the race, you'll want to join the public FOLLOW THE RACE FACEBOOK GROUP.


How Do I See How the Runners are Doing?

Take a look at the detailed spreadsheets of each team which will be posted here just before the race begins.


How Do I Make a Gift?

To support the whole RTB team with a financial gift, click HERE.

To support a particular runner(s) click HERE and enter the runner's name.

Calumet's Reach the Beach effort is so much fun. And the fun does not exist only for the runners ... or only for the drivers ... or only for the volunteers -- it's totally there for you and all the others who, while sitting in the comforts of home, want to see how everything is progressing. The race is about 30 hours long. We start at sun-up on Friday, September 14 and we go non-stop until Saturday, September 15 at about suppertime.

Is it true that Calumet will be a transition spot for Reach the Beach?

Yes!! Calumet will once again be a Runner Transition Spot. No doubt there will be plenty of cool things to see with so many vans and runners coming through the campground and around the Conference Center. Read more at TRANSITION.


What Are Some Other Ways To Show Support?

If your congregation is one of the 72 congregations serving as a RTB sponsor, be sure that you help raise awareness of RTB 2019 in your congregation. That means -- Spread the Word!! Learn more about a free will offering at your church this fall by clicking HERE.

You can pray for the runner. There are prayer petitions being used by congregations throughout New England. Check those out by clicking HERE.

Again, you can make a small gift. Last year, RTB runners received over 800 gifts. This year, we hope that -- all together -- 1,000 small gifts will come to Calumet! To support the RTB runners of 2018, click HERE.


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