The Family Camp Experience

ODC picODC picWhen Calumet was purchased by the Lutherans way back in the late 1950s, all attention was given to creating the best summer camp experience for boys and girls. Over the years, Calumet's Resident Camp for Kids grew to be the best place for a kid to spend a week or two learning about others, sharing laughs, developing skills, growing in friendships, and experiencing God's unwavering love. It didn't take long for adults all over New England to want this for their whole family! Thus, Family Camping began -- and it's been going strong for many, many years.

Families, couples, groups,and individuals come to the 65 site campground as a way of unplugging a bit from all that has the family's attention back home. Some who "don't camp" opt for a room at the Conference Center or one of the private-bath Village Cabins. All guests love relaxing by the beach each day. Group fitness activities, trips for ice cream, hiking the trails of the White Mountains, singing around the campfire, laughing children at the daily Kids Fun Time for the little ones, all kinds of craft opportunities, and much more. A chaplain is on site each week leading devotions and greeting all the campers during camp activities.

Some go all out and cook over their campsite's firepit. Others make use of the Calumet's dining services with breakfast buffet in the dining room, the daily beach BBQ for lunch, and a fantastic dinner at the Conference Center. See what's happening during a typical week in the campground by clicking HERE.

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But the best thing to do is send an email to Alice. She's the one Calumet has set aside to help YOU figure out the best options.

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