Fall Work Days



Periodically, Calumet has a project or two that we would LOVE to get to during the fall, but just can't get it checked off the "to do" list. Are you interested in coming to camp for a couple of days and do a little bit of work? It might be painting, or power-washing, or raking, or work in the campground -- you know, whatever's on the list!

The beauty is that all this takes place among the majestic charm of autumn in New Hampshire.  The slightly cooler temperatures, the wonderful foliage, and the placid lake offer the perfect backdrop for your gift of labor to Calumet. We'll put you up in one of our heated cabins by the lake and we'll feed you delicious food.

Contact Karl for more information about dates that might work and jobs that need doing during the fall.

  (603) 539-3223 ext. 211    karl@calumet.org

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